Stronger Kent Communities will ensure Kent’s VCSEs are

  • well informed and understand the priorities of Kent County Council,
  • supported to achieve their charitable aims
  • supported to recognise and promote healthy lifestyles, public health messages
  • provided with opportunities for networking and collaborating across the VCS, public and private sectors
  • well represented and there is an efficient communication and information channel in place across the sector, and between the sector and public sector organisations

Connecting the sector  Providing opportunities for networking and collaboration across the VCSE and other sectors to share best practice, resources and develop initiatives. Ensuring an efficient communication, representation and information channel across and with the VCSE. More…..

Kent Funding Fair  at the Whitstable Community College on Wednesday 18th October.  Confirmed speakers include BBC Children in Need, Colyer Fergusson, Heritage Lottery, Kent Community Foundation and Kent Sport.   More…

Let us know if you are providing these opportunities in Kent – we will put them here